SLK6 Sauna Lighting Kit

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    The SLK6 Sauna lighting kit is supplied with 6 x 4m tails manufactured from 4mm glass fibre for a safe and extra bright lighting effect, 6 x 50mm stainless steel end-fittings and a choice of LED lightsources;

    For pure, high output white light: the Vega lightsource, a powerful LED source providing static white light with manual, DMX or 0-10v dimming. Estimated lamp life 50000 hours.

    For RGBW colour change and remote control; the Cube lightsource, an LED source supplied with sensitive remote control unit to choose your ideal colour with a quick tap of your finger. Full DMX control also available

    Glass fibre is preferred in hotter environments as it withstands higher temperatures than PMMA fibre. 50mm dia stainless steel fittings

    These fibre optic Lighting kits have been designed to be installed into the walls and seating of your sauna cabin, and provide an ambient uplight or downlighting effect.

    These kits are safe for use in wet and humid areas as no electricity is present in the fibre optics or fittings, but the light source unit must be located outside the sauna space.

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    Light Source

    Vega LED white light, Cube LED RGBW with remote control

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