Unlimited Light are the premier manufacturer of fibre optic lighting kits and chandeliers in the EU, producing world-class, quality products, built for consistency, reliability and durability.

Products of the Highest Quality

All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards, so that each product is consistent and light outputs do not vary. Our rigorous Quality Control testing is designed to test that each product is up to our standards.

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Ultimate Versatility


Due to the absence of electricity in the tails and end-fittings, fibre optic lighting is a preferred option for wet and humid environments such as saunas and swimming pools. The extremely low UV emissions allow for the fittings to be installed close to fabrics and other materials, without the risk of fire. They are also safe to touch if installed in the floor or within reach elsewhere. Our range of lightsources offer white light, colourchange, twinkling effect, dimming, remote control and full DMX.

Super Low Energy and Low Maintenance

With one bulb feeding multiple points of light, fibre optic lighting is a low energy, low maintenance lighting option but with Unlimited Light’s new range of LED lightsources to feed the fibre optic fittings or chandeliers, the LED / fibre optic lighting combo has taken energy efficiency and low maintenance to a new level.

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